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(last changed: 24 June 1998.)

This is a placeholder home page for the vrml-lit mailing list, a list for discussion of long-form VRML narrative and other issues related to interactive storytelling. For now, all that's here is a list of pointers to resources:



Books mentioned on the list (support your local independent bookseller by ordering these locally! Or use the links to Amazon if you prefer):

Info on some examples of VRML storytelling (both complete and works-in-progress):

Info on storytelling in other media:

Natural Language Parsing (NLP):

To join the mailing list, write to vrml-lit-list-request@kith.org with "subscribe" (no quotes) in your Subject line.

I'll be happy to put up a page providing pointers to listmembers' pages and/or brief bios, if anyone wants me to; just send 'em to me at the below address.

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