Secret Yets

(Last change to this page: 22 December 1996.)

A secret yet is a short pun, in which the punning word has been replaced by a synonym. Here are some examples. Unlike everything else in my "things" pages, these are not original -- but as far as I know they're all in the public domain and freely distributable.

  • Where he made his liquor is a secret yet.
  • Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? It's got great food, but there's no air.
  • What did the Zen student say to the hot-dog vendor? Give me one with everything.
  • The printing press in the basement was how he earned his money.
  • Two hunters went to the woods, but they saw a sign that said “Turn left,” so they went home.
  • Nixon bumps into Ford in a hallway and says, “Excuse me.” Ford says, “I already did.”
  • Why did the [insert ethnic slur] bring a ladder to the bar? He heard the drinks were on the roof.
  • What did the Latino firefighter name his two sons? Hose 1 and Hose 2.

    If you've got others, drop me a line.

    Jed Hartman <>