1.90. A man urinates and dies. (RA original)

1.90 answer: He urinated on the third rail in the New York subway, was knocked onto the tracks by the shock, and was hit by a train and killed. (Experts apparently disagree on whether he died from the electrical shock before the train hit him.) This is a true story; the man was named Joseph Patrick O'Malley, and Cecil Adams gives the story in The Straight Dope, quoting Where Death Delights by Marshall Houta.

1.90 variant answer: The man was in a boat on the Amazon. A tiny fish swam "upstream" into the man whereupon it inflated itself to balloon size, killing him. (TK) (I don't know whether fish that can swim up a urethra actually exist or are an urban legend, but all my sources indicate they do exist. The self-inflation may not be true, though. Also, the man might have to be standing in the water (rather than in the boat) for the fish to enter his body.)