1.7. Two women are talking. One goes into the bathroom, comes out five minutes later, and kills the other.

1.7 answer: Both women are white; the one whose house this takes place in is single. A black friend of the other woman, the one who goes into the bathroom, was recently killed, reportedly by the KKK. The woman who goes into the bathroom discovers a bloodstained KKK robe in the other's laundry hamper, picks up a nail file from the medicine cabinet (or some other impromptu weapon), and goes out and kills the other.

1.7a. Variant: A man goes to hang his coat and realizes he will die that day.

1.7a answer: The man (who is black) has car trouble and is in need of a telephone. He asks at the nearest house and on being invited in goes to hang his coat, whereupon he notices the white robes of the Ku Klux Klan in the closet. (from Bernd Wechner)