1.49. If he had wanted chocolate ice cream, his brother would be alive today. (TiM original)

1.49 answer: A young boy is going out to play one afternoon and on his way out he stops off in the garage to check for an ice cream bar in the large chest freezer the family keeps there. The freezer is new and almost empty as yet, so the boy has to prop himself up on the edge to reach into the bottom to find the ice cream. He loses his balance and falls into the freezer, with the lid latching shut over him. Right about then, his older brother arrives home from high school and asks his mom if they have any popsicles in the freezer. She says no, but she bought some chocolate ice cream that day and he can have some of that if he wishes. He decides he is not in the mood for chocolate ice cream and goes up to his room to listen to some music. His brother suffocates.