1.45. A man is found dead outside a large building with a hole in him. (JM, modified from PRO)

1.45 answer: The man was struck by an object thrown from the roof of the Empire State Building. Originally I had the object being a penny, but several people suggested that a penny probably wouldn't be enough to penetrate someone's skull. Something aerodynamic and heavier, like a dart, was suggested, but I don't know how much mass would be required.

1.45a. Variant: A man is found dead outside a large marble building with three holes in him.

1.45a answer: The man was a paleontologist working with the Archaeological Research Institute. He was reviving a triceratops frozen in the ice age when it came to life and killed him. This couldn't possibly happen because (among other reasons) there were no triceratops during the ice age. (from Peter R. Olpe)