Example Images-This is what should be coming up in your browser if it is working properly. These were snapped from the CosmoWorlds browser on an SGI machine.

4-1 The complete small temple

4-2 Rotating an object

4-3 Combining transformations

4-4a Rotation followed by
translation, part 1

4-4b Rotation followed by
translation, part 2

4-5a Translation followed by
rotation, part 1

4-5b Translation followed by
rotation, part 2

4-6 Using a Box node

4-7 Placing a box in two
different places

4-8 Using a Cykinder node

4-9 Using a Coordinate node

4-10 Using an IndexedFaceSet

4-11 Using an IndexedLineSet

4-12 Using a Text node

4-13 Specifying fonts

4-14 Using diffuse color in a
Material node

4-15 Ambient intensity

4-17 Prototyping a column

4-18 Prototyping with an
exposed field

4-19 External prototype

Chapter 4 Ceiling example

Chapter 4 Scaling a box

Chapter 5 Elevation grid

Chapter 5 Point light

6-1 Using a touch sensor

6-2 Using a plane sensor


6-3 Using a ProximitySensor

6-4 Using an interpolator

Chapter 6 Lights example

7-1 Locate highlighting with
a Script node

7-2 Animating the choices under
a Switch node

7-3 Keeping track of state
with a script

7-4 Animating a viewpoint

8-1 Specifiying colors per face

8-2 Specifying indexed colors
per face

8-3 Specifying colors per vertex

8-4 Specifying indexed colors
per vertex

8-5 Specifying normals per face

8-6 Specifying normals per

8-7 Specifying indexed vertex

8-8 Combining color per vertex
with a one-component texture

8-9 Using default texture

8-10 Specifying texture

8-11 Scaling a texture

8-12 Repeating and clamping

8-13 Specifying a pixel texture

8-15 Specifying ground colors

8-16 Specifying sky colors