(Last change to this page: 8 April, 2003.)

Much of the HTML on this site was created and edited using BBEdit (from Bare Bones Software), my favorite text editor. I would show their logo here, but (last I checked, a couple years ago) they won't allow that unless I give them permission to use my name and address for any purpose they want. Oh, well.

Most of the rest of the HTML on this site, and the site management, and much of the database code, was handled by Dreamweaver, from Macromedia. Conflict-of-interest disclaimer: I now work for Macromedia, so my high opinion of the product is not exactly free of bias.

Powered by Pair logo pair.com is my site host. I highly recommend them as a service provider.

Made With Mac logoNearly all of my pages were constructed in whole or in part on a series of trusty PowerBooks (made, of course, by Apple): a 520c, a G3, and a G4 that have accompanied me pretty much everywhere I've gone since 1996.

The typewriter-look font used in site logos and on my home page is Jam, a cool Quickdraw GX font that came with the free demo version of LightningDraw LiteTM, from Lari Software. I used that application to tweak the look of the letters, using the variable parameters built into the font. I then turned the words into pictures using (a registered copy of) GraphicConverter, my favorite shareware image-manipulation tool.

Some of the La Tierra images were processed using imgworks on various SGI workstations; the rest were processed using GraphicConverter.

Jed Hartman <logos@kith.org>