First Run: Relevant Random Notes

The Corps Involved

The Target — Pacifica Biosource, a Pacific-rim firm largely into biomass production. (They're big into krill production, raw soystuff, things like that). What does not immediately show is that Pacifica does not only do foodstuff production. They have a very small, under-publicized medical research division, and this outlying Seattle lab has been turned over to it. (Pacifica, by the way, is indirectly controlled by Sere-Tech.)

The Johnson — If the runners can find out who the Johnson represents, they'll come up with Midland Biotechnica, a Missouri-based agribusiness firm. Further successful probing might uncover that Midland is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eastman-Kodak International. Kodak's medical boys want the new virus; they're just being real careful about acquiring it. The Johnson will tell the runners that the data and samples they're after are a new krill strain that should revolutionize food technology, leading to . . . blah, blah, blah. The Johnson will purposely bore the runners to death with this; the less interested they are in the goods they're carrying, the better.

Renraku — Waiting in the wings. They've been slowly working up a takeover of Pacifica Biosource; the hit by the runners will drop P.B.'s stock just enough for 'Raku to complete the takeover. Which means that by the time the runners figure out that they need to do another run on P.B. to get the security footage, they'll be facing 'Raku security. Oops.

Hard Corps — Contracted security for P.B.'s Seattle lab. Very very cold and ruthless. Also should touch off warning bells for the runners—why such heavy security on a damn krill lab? Hard Corps is not fancy or high-tech; expect solid, conservative tactics, obvious armor, hardpoints and concrete, and high-caliber American and Russian weapons. A few of H&K's more basic models as well. High-intensity spotlights; pressure-activated antipersonnel mines, that sort of thing. (Base damage for the AP mines is 6S3; armor does help. Concealability ratings run from 6 to 9, depending.) Typical Hard Corp Guard: Str 4, Bod 4, React 3, Will 4 Firearms 5 Armed 4 Armed with AK-97 Carbine (4M3 dmg), 2 Def. Grenades (6M3 dmg), 2 Stun Grenades (4M3 Stun) and a Riot Baton (lead-cored) (6M2 Stun). Armor is NATO-style Medium armor (6/5), Kevlar-and-ceramic-plate construction. No fancy electronics, just radios in the helmets.

The Wandering Monster Table

Humanis Policlub Fanatic: Str 4, Bod 4, Quick 3, React 3, Will 4 Armed 3 Firearms 3 Armed with Narrow-Minded Rhetoric, A Hood, Basball Bat / Axe Handle / Lead Pipe (5M2 Stun) and maybe a cheap pistol or two (3M2). Hunting rifle from the truck gun rack, if you want to get nasty (5S2) Problem is, they run in six-packs, minimum. Somebody's gonna get hurt. . . .

"Chivalrous" Elven gangers: Str 2, Bod 4, Quick 4, React 4, Will 2 Bike 4, Firearms 3 Armed with Crusader Machine Pistols (3M2, full-auto) and Sandler TMPs (4M3, full-auto), riding assorted Hondas and Kawasakis

Tir Tairngire Reclamation Team: Str 4, Bod 3, Quick 8, React 9 [+3d6], Will 3, Firearms 5, Stealth 6, Unarmed 5, Throwing [5]*, Bike [3]* Predator II (6M2), Throwing Knives (2L2), Lined Coat (4/2), Skillwires, Smartgun, Wired Reflexes.
>>One mage in party—Str 2, Bod 4, Quick 4, React 4 (8) [+1d6], Will 5 Sorcery 5, Firearms 3 Manabolt 5, Power Bolt 5, Detect Guns 4, Personal Combat Sense 5, Armor 5, Confusion 4, Mask 4, Heal Moderate Wounds 3 Boosted Reflexes, H&K227 w/ laser sight (5M3), Armored Jacket (5/3), a couple spell locks (Armor and Combat Sense)

Skatepunk Kids: A go-gang in training; these guys have boards and 'poons and chopped-down minibikes and armored clothing (2/2) and way too much energy. They're just looking for kicks and some harrassment-type fun. They've got spray paint, a couple of micro-flares, stuff like that.