Blood Bowl stuff—random notes for the Dark Elf team


The Bain Sidhe

Team Roster:

When doing writeups: possibly use a consistent sportswriter character . . .

"Dis is Tommy Throttlegut, an' I'm da guy what is reportin' on dem lethal ladies an' guys an' stuff what make up da Bain Sidhe. Dey hired me because dey say I gots a "refreshin'ly earthy moda a' narrative." I tink dat means I talk dirty. Anyways . . ."

". . . So dis pukenosed fanboy asts me what an Ork is doin' bein' a sportswriter. I sez to 'im, da Throttleguts have a long tradition of finkin' on . . . errr, I mean, reportin' about udder people. Den Samantha smiles all sweet-like an' fed 'im 'is elbow."