...friendly neighborhood Kitsune Bard... 

Str <1> Cha <4> (Spec: Boyish Charm) Percep (Spec: Sharp-Eyed) <4>
Dex <3> Manip <3> Intel <2>
Stam <2> App <3> Wits <3>

Alertness <4>
(Spec: Threats)
Ettiquette <2> Enigmas <2>
Dodge <2> Performance <4>
(Spec: Stringed Inst.)      
Occult <3>
Empathy <4>
(Spec: Trustworthy)    
Meditation <3>
Subterfuge <3>
Primal Urge <2>
Streetwise <2> (Plus one dot in EVERYTHING else from

Jack of All Trades Merit... Uses that for

his little-bit-about-everyone Lore skills)

Rage <2> Gnosis <3> Willpower <6>

Rank <2> (but hes that close to Rank 3 Basically, waiting for the right plot device.)

Backgrounds:           Gifts:
Past Life <4> Seduction  
Resources <2> Beast Speech
Sempai <1> Ishin Denshin
Clear the Mind
Merits and Flaws: Spirit Speech
Jack of All Trades Lore
Cowardly Element Child
Luck Lantern
Fae Affinity Silver Sigil
Enchanting Voice Courtly Speech
Magic Susceptibility

This character is built on starting points +30 exp.  He has far more experience than that, but I'm trying to minimize the powergaming aspect of things.  I may spend a few more of the acquired points; I may not.  (This character version current as of 10/12/98)

The basic idea: Kit's a friendly, curious type who likes to wander and talk to people, collecting stories and tunes and sharing same with those he meets. He loves the life of a wandering troubador, and will probably never settle down completely. He's unapologetically hedonistic, very much the "lover-not-a-fighter type". After all, violence gets in the way of talk and music. Yes, he is gay, which is a source for much amused frustration on his part. He sees himself as close cousin to the Pooka (one or two of whom he has met...) and has a general fascination with the Fae.

Kit was born in a tiny village on the slopes of Ongakeyama, midway between Osaka and Tokyo, and 40 miles from anywhere. He has no memory of his parents - Father died of a heart attack at childbirth, and Mom died a year later. He grew up on the streets, a redheaded gaijin child in Japan. Not an easy life. At age 10, playing on Tokyo streetcorners with an old, reconditioned guitar he'd salvaged from a dumpster, he was discovered by a well-to-do Japanese businesswoman. Since she was an active patron of the arts, she took him to San Francisco and arranged for his music scholarship (and yes, she was the first Kitsune he met... <grin>  She acts as his sempai, though she's very disappointed that he abandoned the high musical road in favor of the low...) He's been playing Renn Faires and bars and clubs since hitting 18, generally enjoying the hell out of his lifestyle.

 Recent Politics:

Kit was taken in formal vassalage by Kasumi ap Tyrr about a year and a half ago; he swore a modified form of the Oath, which Kass accepted.  (Kit's modification was to put in the stipulation that he'd serve Kass as long as that service did not conflict with his duty to his Clan, i.e. the Kitsune.)  Some time later, Kass went Unseelie and then dropped off the face of the earth.  Kass' fief is in a sort of political limbo as a result (see below); it also means that Kit is being heavily scoped out by both the Seelie and Unseelie of the Bay Area.  [For that info, see the Seelie Report and Unseelie Report on Kit...]  He managed to fight off Bane-possession a while back, but it shook him pretty badly; lately, he's been touring the country checking on the current state of things among the gaijin Changing Breeds...

The Club is in the Theatre District of San Francisco, between Union Square and the Tenderloin. Its a two-story affair, with the dance floor/stage area rising the full two stories on the left, and the bar shadowed by the second-floor balcony, which has small café-style tables, on the right. Maroon drapes shield the two-story windows, and the furniture is heavy dark wood with brass highlights. There is rarely a cover charge, and no bouncer – though the big blond side of beef named Terry, tending bar in a Meat Loaf t-shirt, looks pretty capable on that score.

((Fae characters and those with the Sight: Club Rev is a very minor Freehold, formerly the fief of Kasumi Tyrr. Politically, the holding is in dispute, since Kasumi has not been seen in some time. Terry is a Troll (okay, well, maybe an Ogre) who has been sent to keep an eye on the place in the meantime. Kit Thompson, the street-minstrel who Kass took in vassalage some time ago, seems to informally manage the place, the rare times hes actually in the city.))