"Chrys Morgan :  Freelance medic; full-time sarcast."

(Well, if a racist is someone who practises racism, or a feminist is someone who practises feminism, then a sarcast...)

On the whole, Chrys is a reasonably friendly and mild individual, but has shown flashes of rather scathing sarcasm - usually directed at the violent & pompous.

The links below give a bit more info on Chrys;
the last one is very much out-of-character info only.

Some sketches of Chrys, and a bit more background info.  (Black and white sketches only, at this point...  There'll be some color sketches as soon as I get the time.)
Music :  Otherwise known as the Product Placement page, for all you cynics.  Just a quick sampler of the character's tastes in entertainment.  People trying to figure Chrys out are welcome to read whatever they like into these choices...  ::grin::
Motorcycles : Specifically, since Chrys rides a BMW, some pics, info, and links on BMW cycles.
Meta-information section - major spoilers involved.  Do not read this section if you want to discover what's going on with Chrys in-character.  

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