Words /words.gif& Stuff

by Jed Hartman

(Last change: 21 October, 2007.)

Words & Stuff was a column on words and wordplay that ran on this site (first weekly, then fortnightly) from 1997 through 2000, with occasional subsequent additions. I'm no longer updating the site (the last new column was in 2003), but I'm leaving it online.

The organization and structure of the site, and the page design and (lack of) navigation, are all very mid-'90s. At some point, I may try to improve the navigation, so that people who arrive at a column via web search get some sense that there's more than one column here, but don't hold your breath.

Here are the main parts of the site:

Since I stopped writing the column here, I've continued to occasionally write elsewhere about words, wordplay, and language. Here's where you can find some of that writing:

Feel free to send me email about the column if you have comments or questions. Note, however, that (a) I assume reader comments are intended for (eventual) publication unless you specify otherwise; and contrariwise, (b) I am very slow about responding to them, and very very slow about posting them. I will be happy to hear from you, but you may not receive a response. I apologize in advance.