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RR: Down Came the Good Fairy (Reader Comments and Addenda)

(27 December 1998)

Here's a rough transcription of a tune not entirely unlike that for "Little Rabbit Foo Foo," in abc ASCII music transcription format:

T:Little Rabbit Foo Foo
C:Unknown origin
C>C C>D E2 E2|D>C D>E C2 G,2|
w:Lit- tle Rab- bit Foo Foo, I don't wan- na see you
C>C C>D E2 E>E|(3DCC D>E C2 z2||
w:pick- in' up the field mice and bopp- in' 'em on the head.

If there's a lot of demand for it I can supply this tune as a GIF image or as a MIDI file, but that seems like overkill.

The "Good Fairy" line is more or less spoken, not sung.

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