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(Last change: 12 January 2000.)

Here's the latest alphabet's worth of columns:

aaa. At Tea With Squdgy Fez (1/3/99)
bbb. Rhyme-Time Chime (1/17/99)
reader comments and addenda (4/20/99)
ccc. Shaggy Boxes (2/1/99)
reader comments and addenda (2/9/99)
ddd. Di-Dah, Dah, Dit (2/14/99)
eee. "He Had No Peer, and Very Few Equals" (2/28/99)
fff. Dance, Dance, Wherever You May Be (3/14/99)
ggg. Rhyme Sightings (3/28/99)
hhh. Nitpickers R Us (4/11/99)
reader comments and addenda (4/20/99)
iii. So, Mimi... (4/25/99)
jjj. Leveraging Core Competencies (5/9/99)
kkk. A Psoft Psi (5/23/99)
lll. An Art Form Complex (6/6/99)
reader comments and addenda (1/6/00)
mmm. Whenwords (1999) (6/20/99)
nnn. More Names, More Games (7/4/99)
ooo. A Tautology Is a Tautology Is a Tautology (7/18/99)
addenda (11/30/99)
ppp. The Sum of Its Parts (8/1/99)
qqq. Roots (8/15/99)
rrr. And Not a Mere Device (8/29/99)
addenda (1/12/00)
sss. I Never Metaphor I Didn't Like (9/12/99)
ttt. Does Not Commute (9/26/99)
uuu. mi tavla do (10/10/99)
vvv. My Favorite Things (10/24/99)
www. A Spider's Memoir (11/7/99)
xxx. Not Just for X-Ray Any More (11/21/99)
yyy. Build a Better Catchphrase (12/5/99)
zzz. Across the Pond (12/19/99)
reader comments and addenda (1/6/00)

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