Jed's Wanderjahr

(Last change: 4 June 1998.)

mapFor an overview of my travels, take a peek at the map (15K GIF).

At SGI I took an interviewing class, in which the teacher said the purpose of an interview is to go from what and when the candidate did (as shown on the resumé) to how and why the candidate did it. I think travelogues, to be interesting, should make the same progression; a list of places and dates on its own is boring. In some places this travelogue does deteriorate into lists of activities, but I hope I've managed to provide enough context and musings in most places to be worth reading.

Here are the stages of the trip:

  1. Mountain View (9/91-8/96)
  2. Los Angeles (8/20/96-9/10/96)
  3. Albuquerque (9/10/96-10/16/96)
  4. Boston (10/19/96-1/18/97)
  5. Alexandria I (1/18/97-2/15/97)
  6. Interlude (2/15/97-3/4/97)
  7. Alexandria II (3/4/97-3/9/97)
  8. Chapel Hill (3/9/97-3/16/97)
  9. Swarthmore (3/16/97-4/21/97)
  10. New York (4/21/97-4/27/97)
  11. United Kingdom (4/29/97-5/19/97)
  12. New England (5/20/97-6/7/97)
  13. Westward Ho! (6/8/97-6/29/97)
  14. Washington (6/29/97-7/18/97)
  15. California (7/19/97-8/10/97)
  16. Finishing Up (8/10/97-8/18/97)

Trip-relevant quotations (updated 3/11/97) are on the quotes page. Photos of the trip are finally in place (6/4/98).

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