I recently had occasion to stop by Addiction is..., a collection of about fifteen nonfiction pieces that, individually and together,... (More...)

I was talking on the phone the other day, and it occurred to me that it's possible that nobody knows... (More...)

When I saw Amy Sundberg's post listing ten nonfiction books that had stuck with her, my first thought was: Have... (More...)

Yesterday, I finished the anthology I'd been reading and skimming for the past few days: Terry Carr's Best Science Fiction... (More...)

I seem to be focused on tropes today. I just read a 1972 science fiction story, by a male author,... (More...)

I have several half-written posts about polyamory and what it means to me, but those aren't likely to be in... (More...)

I encounter this idea regularly in stories, both submissions and published: A character is bound (by a vow, by brain... (More...)

(Quasi-spoilers here for all three Zones books, in that if you've got this idea in your head as you read,... (More...)

Another writing trope that bugs me, this time one I've seen as often in published fiction (and on TV shows)... (More...)

Dragon Con is running an award this year, the Dragon Award. They had a nominations phase that's now over; voting... (More...)

Late in 2015, I read an issue of Destinies (a “paperback magazine”) from 1980; it included a piece by Jerry... (More...)

We had a discussion last week on Facebook about the importance of con panelists using microphones (publicly visible post), but... (More...)

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