A week or so ago, I was driving to work when I saw an unusual bicycle in the bike lane,... (More...)

Back in September, I attended a training to be an observer at ICE raids. I hadn’t heard anything from them... (More...)

A new-to-me form of quasi-test-anxiety dream, from last night: There was some sf award thing going on, and for some... (More...)

Two weeks ago, I spent three days in Santa Fe and then was home sick for a while. Got no... (More...)

I think it’s fascinating to observe toxic masculinity in action in Westerns. (Some quasi-spoilers here for Shane (1953).) In this... (More...)

I started this project with about 350 unread mass-market paperbacks on my bookshelves, and I bought about 30 more shortly... (More...)

The excellent old tabletop roleplaying game Fringeworthy had a page of tables for quickly generating the physical appearance of an... (More...)

I’m in Santa Fe for a few days. Mary Anne is here for a Wild Cards authors gathering, and I’m... (More...)

Last night, I had dinner with family, and audio-recorded some family stories, and received two amazing troves of family documents:... (More...)

Had a good weekend. KTO visited. Among other things, we got dinner from Everest Cuisine (tasty Nepalese & Indian food)... (More...)

We've digitized a set of 23 letters from my mother to her parents, dated 1964 through 1968; I've been posting... (More...)

Last night, after procrastinating all day on writing up my list of recent accomplishments at work (it was due yesterday),... (More...)

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