I just realized this is one of the things that some of the rhyme-chains in Hamilton reminded me of: ”Now... (More...)

Back in May, I posted about Hamilton, the new hip-hop Broadway musical about Alexander Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Ever since... (More...)

That was astonishingly good customer support. I sent a support-request email to comiXology (maker of various comic-reading apps for iOS)... (More...)

On my iPhone, I use Google Maps frequently, and Apple Maps fairly regularly. I love both apps, but I can't... (More...)

Woke up at 5 this morning, from an anxiety dream in which Arthur was chastising me for not having finished... (More...)

Among the books I rescued from my father's house were six books of poems by Gary Snyder. I don't know... (More...)

Thought it might be fun to try to install and set up PocketMine-MP, a Minecraft server that would allow multiple... (More...)

A few assorted life updates: My knee injury has continued to heal, but still very slowly. But at least the... (More...)

I'm giving away about 170 back issues of Analog. Let me know if you're interested. Details follow. My father had... (More...)

I've been a fan of the Hugo Awards all my life. I recognize that the awards have problems. For example,... (More...)

Note to people applying for jobs: It's probably not a good idea to say, in your cover letter or resume,... (More...)

(I thought about titling this “Puppies: Now and Forever,” which probably would've gotten more clicks, but it wasn't a very... (More...)

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