I'm watching Underground season 2, episode 1, “Contraband,” and I just got to a scene in which one of the... (More...)

Here's the next Strange Horizons Flashback story: “ The Disappearance of James H___,” by Hal Duncan In a British boarding... (More...)

Here's the next Strange Horizons Flashback story: “Origin,” by Ari Goelman A human superheroine who's dating an alien superhero discovers... (More...)

Several interesting and informative Tesla Model 3 links: Specs and prices, including prices for various options, from the official Tesla... (More...)

In April 2014, I bought a nice cloth wallet at C2E2 in Chicago, from Geeks with Scissors. (I had been... (More...)

I've long loved John McCutcheon's 1991 rendition of Leon Rosselson's 1975 song “The World Turned Upside Down” (not to be... (More...)

Here's the next Strange Horizons Flashback story: “Greetings from Kampala,” by Angela Ambroz During an interstellar war between Hindustani and... (More...)

The other morning, I woke up with an idea for what could be a nifty tech toy: reminder tags. I'm... (More...)

Here's the next Strange Horizons Flashback story: “Start with Color,” by Bill Kte'pi In a world where everyone's dreams come... (More...)

Jon Bois's tour-de-force multimedia science fiction future-of-football extravaganza “17776” is now complete. 25 brief chapters. Well worth reading/viewing, even for... (More...)

I spent today mostly hanging out with family, which was great. Saw one niece in a production of Lion King... (More...)

A couple years ago, I was given an amazing trove: a dozen letters from my mother to her parents, written... (More...)

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