The most important thing I learned in high school stage tech was a paradigm. I usually phrase it this way:... (More...)

When I was in 7th and 8th grade, at Wilbur Middle School, the school's computer lab had a couple of... (More...)

I've just started reading both Norman Spinrad's 1980 Songs from the Stars (first chapters set in a post-apocalypse quasi-ecotopia in... (More...)

I guess the sequence started in April? Mary Anne visited the weekend of the 7th and we went to Speakeasy.... (More...)

This is a report of my pre-movie experience at Wonder Woman last night. This post is not about the movie,... (More...)

I've been really enjoying the current storyline in Agents of SHIELD. It's doing a virtual-reality take on a sort of... (More...)

I recently learned about a hot new toy: the spinner fidget toy. You hold it between thumb and finger... (More...)

Two business models for selling CDs on Venice Beach: Hand a CD to a passing individual tourist in a way... (More...)

I was driving along in the right lane of a Mountain View street the other week when I passed a... (More...)

In the past couple years, there've been about three times when I've had occasion to suggest starting points for reading... (More...)

The other day, I pulled Mysterious Island, by Jules Verne, off my unread-books shelf. I decided that I didn't really... (More...)

My 9th-grade English teacher, Mr. Emil, gave us a surprise in-class writing assignment one day in 1983. He told us... (More...)

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