Ten years ago today, I started working at my current job. I had never stayed at one company for more... (More...)

Yesterday at work, I got half a dozen requests from an automated system to remove Sara's name from various permission... (More...)

I already posted about the day before WorldCon, and the first day of the con, but it looks like I... (More...)

I just realized that the first issue of the new Thor comic-book series is out, the one that, as announced... (More...)

How to install Unix-like software: A text adventure transcript. Based on a true story. Or rather, several remarkably similar true... (More...)

In late July, I started working on a pass through my novel to clean up what I called the “mood... (More...)

I have no idea whether the new movie The Song is worth seeing, but I was mildly intrigued by the... (More...)

I just rewatched the 2010 movie Made in Dagenham. It's even better than I remembered it: feminist, laugh-out-loud funny, occasionally... (More...)

Finally watched the movie of Whiteout last night. It's a thriller set in Antarctica, in which US Marshal Carrie Stetko... (More...)

I posted here a whole bunch toward the beginning of WorldCon, mostly about the Hugos, and then switched to Facebook... (More...)

Reminder to all of you who voted in this year's Hugos: When the time comes, you can nominate for next... (More...)

I have many thoughts about the outcome of the Hugos (I'm overall very happy with the results, even though my... (More...)

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