A couple weeks ago, I sat down to write a blog entry about how I was doing with regard to... (More...)

Although this entry was partly sparked by the recent deaths of several friends' parents, it's going to be focused specifically... (More...)

The past few months have been difficult times for a lot of my friends. I feel like all through the... (More...)

This post is something I've been meaning to write for years; I'm finally writing it as a starting point/background for... (More...)

Mary Anne was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm having a hard time writing about it right now, but if... (More...)

I've seen various horror writers note that, in the words of author Douglas Winter, “Horror is not a genre, like... (More...)

I wrote this the other day for a discussion of (among other things) works that do and don't pass the... (More...)

I've written before about marvelous storyteller Willy Claflin. Today in the car his story “Emerson's Chevrolet” came up in my... (More...)

A lot of the world's chocolate supply is produced by child labor and slave labor. I've been trying for a... (More...)

My back is still intermittently hurting. Sudden onset on Sunday afternoon for no apparent reason; saw a doctor Tuesday; it's... (More...)

Last night I was pretty upset because the radio in the room I was renting wouldn't turn off. My friends... (More...)

A couple months ago, I was riding my bike home from work and I made some kind of minor interacting-with-other-people-in-traffic... (More...)

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