I've somehow for years had the idea that Jack Finney's 1970 novel Time and Again (which I hadn't read) was... (More...)

In today's mail: Another envelope from the FBI! In response to my FOIA request about my father, which I filed... (More...)

Today is a Day of Remembrance: the 75th anniversary of FDR's executive order to incarcerate Japanese Americans. A bunch of... (More...)

Yesterday, I attended a really useful-to-me presentation titled "Activism 101: Finding your voice in government," about how to engage with... (More...)

Every so often as I go through Duolingo Spanish lessons, I hit a wall. Right at the start, for example,... (More...)

An example of how news gets distorted: DeepMind, which is part of Alphabet (Google's parent company), published an interesting and... (More...)

Among my old family papers is a folder containing a handwritten document by my grandmother Helen, in which she described... (More...)

Pete Seeger died three years ago yesterday, so my post about him came up in my Facebook history today. It... (More...)

Every now and then, I stop at a stoplight behind a long line of cars, and I see a homeless... (More...)

Nominations are now open for this year's Hugo awards. You can nominate if you are a member of last year's... (More...)

In 2016, I read 172 books; an average of roughly one every two days. Well, okay, when I say “read,”... (More...)

I've bitten my nails all my life. (Well, and picked at them and tore them by hand; not always with... (More...)

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