A new entry in my somewhat-weekly Strange Horizons retrospective: “L'Aquilone du Estrellas (The Kite of Stars),” by Dean Francis Alfar... (More...)

A new entry in my quasi-weekly Strange Horizons retrospective: “The Book of Things Which Must Not Be Remembered,” by C. Scavella... (More...)

Mike Glyer notes, in a detailed comparison table, that the 64 of the Rabid Puppies' 81 slated items (works or... (More...)

A new (still belated) entry in my nominally weekly Strange Horizons retrospective: “Algorithms for Love,” by Ken Liu An exploration... (More...)

So far, I've read or skimmed or at least glanced at 16 of the anthologies that my father owned. Here... (More...)

The latest book chosen at random from my unread-books shelves is The Confessions of Aleister Crowley. I'm curious about the... (More...)

A new (belated) entry in my allegedly weekly Strange Horizons retrospective: “The House Beyond Your Sky,” by Benjamin Rosenbaum In... (More...)

Was feeling a little unwell at work today; came home in the early afternoon, figuring I would rest a little... (More...)

I wrote this on November 15, 2013, but never posted it. I'm posting it now as backstory for another post... (More...)

A new (belated) entry in my weekly Strange Horizons retrospective: “Somadeva: A Sky River Sutra,” by Vandana Singh A lovely... (More...)

Every time I hear the song “Long Black Veil,” I wonder the same thing: Is that outcome really preferable to... (More...)

I feel like there are dozens of things I want to post here, but I have a lot of time-sensitive... (More...)

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