Every now and then, I stop at a stoplight behind a long line of cars, and I see a homeless... (More...)

Nominations are now open for this year's Hugo awards. You can nominate if you are a member of last year's... (More...)

In 2016, I read 172 books; an average of roughly one every two days. Well, okay, when I say “read,”... (More...)

I've bitten my nails all my life. (Well, and picked at them and tore them by hand; not always with... (More...)

I had intended to do all sorts of things after I got back from Chicago last week: finish up some... (More...)

Bruce Chadwick was one of my oldest friends. Sometime yesterday, he took his own life. This is a long post... (More...)

I find the whole Mandela Effect thing intriguing. (A group of people remembering something that didn't happen.) Here's one I... (More...)

Winter solstice here in the northern hemisphere arrived about nine hours ago. Here's my traditional solstice post. First, from T.... (More...)

Got lightly tapped by a car a couple weeks ago. I was bicycling to work, next to cars that were... (More...)

I posted a bunch of blog entries back in September, but then I stalled. Not just on blogging; on pretty... (More...)

Kam and I saw the movie Arrival on Sunday evening. It was as good as everyone's been saying. I had... (More...)

I've had sleep issues for most of my life, but sometime in the past few years things settled down. I... (More...)

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