Kam and I saw the movie Arrival on Sunday evening. It was as good as everyone's been saying. I had... (More...)

I've had sleep issues for most of my life, but sometime in the past few years things settled down. I... (More...)

For weeks, I've been meaning to post here, but I keep shying away, for reasons not entirely clear to me.... (More...)

(Sumana pointed out recently that I've been remiss in updating this blog lately. I'll try and post a catchup entry... (More...)

I'M GOING TO SEE HAMILTON TONIGHT! I arranged a fair bit of my plans for the past few months around... (More...)

I've wondered for years why new printings of the same old mass-market-paperback editions of Bradbury are still on the store... (More...)

I'm finally reading Judith Merril's groundbreaking 1968 anthology England Swings SF. Here are some thoughts. i probably ought to... (More...)

I recently remembered something that happened when I was being interviewed for my current job, back in 2004: I think... (More...)

This is a pattern in my life: Someone tells me something. I don't agree with what they said, but I... (More...)

Here's the short version: I've been having a hard time with anxiety for a long time. A previous attempt at... (More...)

I came up with an idea for a video game 30 years ago: it would be a first-person-viewpoint 3D graphics... (More...)

My first blog post was on September 14, 2001, so yesterday marked fifteen years of my blog. Happy birthday, blog!... (More...)

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